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NFT Asian Women is an artist-led community that supports, inspires, and elevates forward thinking artists in NFTs. We strive to host an uplifting creative community that advocates for the representations of Asian  Women and gives back to the NFT space and AAPI community. We meet,  connect, and network globally across different time zones in physical,  digital, and social spaces.  

Our vision is to establish a system that combines art, innovation, and technology in a decentralized blockchain environment. We partner with other International communities such as NFT South Asian, NFT Africa,  NFT LatinX, NFT Asia, and Korean NFT to amplify our reach. We believe in working together to ensure underrepresented artists are seen.  

NFT Asian Women curated this exhibit, Metamorphosis, which celebrates transformation from traditional art expressions to digital ones. Each piece is an expression of our ancestral heritage and brings to the forefront the impact of Asian culture to the metaverse. We hope this new discovery of new and emerging Asian artists brings a unique perspective to our shifting digital landscape.

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