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New York, NY



Liz-N-Val is an artistic duo who has collaborated for over thirty years. Liz-N-Val use unorthodox materials, processes, and concepts as a 'direct' approach to making art. Elizabeth Clark and Valentin Goroshko met in the 70s in New York City where they founded Abstractrealism, the philosophy of "something from nothing Art". Abstractrealism is the logical outcome of Abstract Art and Realism. 

They have invented numerous conceptual museums as well as the concept of Signature Art. The duo works in mixed a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, language art, and the combination of all of the above.

Selected images

Selected Solo Exhibitions 


Selections From 3 Decades (curated by John Lutz)

Gallery One Twenty Eight 


Space Travelers (Curated by Gulsen Calik)

Tribes Gallery, New York City 

 Cooking Art at Orchard Windows Gallery, New York



Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die at Space 776 Gallery, New York

Gallery Exhibitions

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