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B-Born: Break Space Sense

October 4-17, 2019

Opening reception: Friday, October 4, 2019

Music by MC Rose & on the 1’s and 2’s DJ Miles

“I appreciate the capability and expression of the street artists in the area who have transformed streets. The idea of graffiti has a lot to do with raw energy and authenticity and street art is a culture in Brooklyn.”

- B-Born

Space 776 is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Brooklyn by graffiti artist/break dancer B-Born’s “Break Space Sense” from October 4-17.


Hyun Yoo, aka B-Born has been dedicated to the breaking and hip-hop scene for 20 years and represents Korea on the world stage of bboying. People from all over the world have acknowledged his unique and dynamic style of dancing, while together with his crew—Rivers Crew (Seoul), MZK (Worldwide) and Ready To Rock (New York), one of the most accomplished in the world—he has achieved successful results at many local and international contests and showcases. Through a series of workshops conducted in various places throughout the world, he has led breaking classes that have introduced new ways of self-improvement, while sharing good times and learning with everyone.


B-Born also began drawing and painting at a young age, motivated by the influence of his family. He started participating in group shows when he was 5 years old, and first encountered spray paint when he was 11. Now the New Jersey-based artist focuses on creating graffiti art (write HeRE), abstract dimension painting, and traditional tattooing. B-Born’s artistic vision is defined under the title “Break Space Sense.”

“Break Space Sense” features expressions of the artist’s personal interpretation of the original New York graffiti style. His pieces embody duality and diversity in conveying the message of their inevitable coming together as one. He created a site-specific graffiti work inside our gallery wall collaborated with Bom5.

"My art is an expression of New York City graffiti onto canvas. As a B-boy who makes graffiti art, I wanted to express how Hip hop and street-art culture can be seen as one.
I hope that more people can come to understand graffiti as an art form that is not limited to the streets, but as something that can be enjoyed across different fields as it gains a larger presence in galleries."
- B-Born

Most of the pieces in the show <BREAK SPACE SENSE> are created with two canvases to show how dualities can merge as one and exist in harmony with each other.

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