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     Cacho Falcon

     Cacho in a Box  

     Nov 15  - Dec 15, 2019


      Opening Reception: 

      Friday, Nov 15

      6 - 9 pm 



                                                                              Cacho Falcon, Fetiche, 2019, Photography and painted glass, 11” X 14”


"We all have a deep disturbing secret that some would never face or talk about. What I look for in people is willingness to unveil that and learn how to make peace with it.” 

- Cacho Falcon 


Brooklyn - Space 776 is pleased to announce an exhibition of new and old works by Cacho Falcon at 229 Central Avenue, Brooklyn. This exhibition will feature 10 new and old works produced over the recent 5 years. These works reveal his continuous ability to create a unique visual language that defies categorization and blurs the boundaries between drawing, performance, photo, collage, and painting. Cacho Falcon will be on view from November 15 through December 15, 2019, with an opening reception on Friday, November 15 from 6-9 pm. 


Over the past 15 years, as an artist living and working in New York City, Cacho Falcon has come to find a new, unique, and multi-layered approach to portraiture. The process begins with the choice of the sitter. His subjects have ranged from a supportive patron, a complete stranger living on the streets, or even a close friend or loved one. At first, the only thing his subjects have in common is their willingness to sit with the artist while nude, speak openly and honestly and allow themselves to have their skin painted by the artist. The act of baring one’s body allows the sitter to begin the process of opening up about the stories of their past, their innermost fears and insecurities and their most sincere passions and hopes.


He finds connections to his own life through the stories of what are often complete strangers, and therefore helps connect all of us as fellow humans with unique, but also shared experiences. The work presents as bright, colorful and active. They take on an almost mural-like quality but are also naturally sculptural. His familiarity with fashion and design are clearly present in his mastery of color theory and the command of line.


Once the work is complete, photos or images of the final project may be taken to capture a visual memory of the time spent. Falcon then washes the work away in a therapeutic cleansing as if it were an exercise similar to a traditional Catholic confessional. The words have been spoken, the stories told and the secrets shared all to create this beautiful connection but then all is forgiven and can be released. Falcon finds connections to his own life through these moments and uses them to create work that helps connect all of us as fellow humans with unique, but also somewhat shared experiences. This process lends itself to future exploration into several medium including printmaking, photography and performance. 


About Cacho Falcon

Born in 1978 in Asunción, Paraguay, Cacho has been active as an artist in New York City since permanently relocating in 2002. He has collaborated with iconic fashion brands such as Guess and Beanpole and his work has been published in magazines from Elle to GQ. Cacho made the decision to transition out of the fashion industry to focus on telling his life stories by drawing and painting on canvas. He is currently working on bringing his ‘body paint’ series to the masses and is looking to produce a live exhibition/art show. His mission is to help others tell their stories in a very one-of-a kind, unique environment. 

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