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November 11-22, 2022

Opening Reception:
November 11, 2022, 6 - 8 pm

Gyully ii Sun

Inter Being

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


New York, NY- Space 776 is pleased to present a solo exhibition by South Korean artist Gyully ii Sun. This is her first exhibition in New York.


Gyully ii Sun’s technique of connecting triangulate shapes, and connecting dots and lines to the surfaces symbolizes the artist’s vision of the “inner structure of life” the way people coexist with each other and are connected to each other. As if reminiscent of a single life code, a triangle is a single entity, with different shapes and sizes, but in the end, it is one. In a triangle, points come together to form a line, and until the lines come together to form a triangle, all shapes form small points to large units that exist together. “The triangular grid shown in this exhibition transcends the conflict and boundaries of life, and I hope that they can coexist together and become a path toward another encounter with themselves,” says the artist


Color is also an important subject in her art-making process, she searches for colors and captures them in her artistic way by dyeing fabric and thread and connecting them into shapes. She uses colors that are familiar to the eye, yet have depth, adding an extra sense of depth through her assemblage and the paint manipulation. 




Son, Gyul: Based in Daegu, South Korea. She obtained both graduate and undergraduate degrees in fine arts at Yeungnam University College of Fine Arts. She has been extensively exhibiting her artwork in South Korea, including 9 solo and 150 group exhibitions, and 10 Korean - Japanese exchange exhibitions. She has been active in outdoor street art, and multi-media art such as drawing, painting, installation, and performance under the theme of 'INTER BEING'.

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