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4, Flux, 20 x 60in, oil on canvas, 2023, 14,000dollar.jpg

November 24 - December 6, 2023

Jungtae Lee


37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


SPACE 776 is pleased to present FLUX - a solo exhibition by South Korean painter, Jung Tae Lee.


Lee skillfully excludes the original color palette, leaving only the ethereal  hue of blue as viewed from under the moonlight. This deliberate choice creates a space where bias and prejudice recede, allowing the spectator to witness the world through a monochrome lens, encapsulating the essence of simplicity and purity. Lee does this with his use of blossoming flowers bursting forth and scattering across mountains, seamlessly merging with the landscape. His canvas becomes a poetic dance between moonlight and wind, capturing the ephemerality of existence.


"FLUX" is a testament to the transient beauty of beingness, where time denies the permanence of existence, and everything undergoes continuous transformation through the mesmerizing process of deorganization. Lee's evocative paintings illuminate the interconnectedness of life, time, and space, inviting contemplation on the infinite changes that unfold in the ever-flowing river of flux.




JUNGTAE LEE (b. 1966, South Korea): is an artist and educator. He graduated from Seoul National University in 1991, and in 1997 from Dongguk University School of Education. Lee has exhibited extensively in South Korea, most recent solo shows include (2022) Flux, Beka Gallery, Seoul; Flux, Gallery Jireh, Heiry; Flux, Artstellar Gallery, Seoul, and many more. In addition, Lee was commissioned on various public art projects that include: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Brazil, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Cameroon, Kwon Jin-kyu Museum, Korean Martyrs Museum and more. This is Lee’s first solo exhibition in NYC

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