New York, NY

Jongmin (Joy) Kim

Reminiscent of Dubuffet Art Brut movement, Joy dropped out of the New York School of Visual Art, SVA, after just a few months when he first moved to the United States back in 2014. Since then, with unfettered creativity, Joy is a painter of the moment, always in search of beauty everywhere. Four years in New York helped Joy build a strong western influence over the foundations of his Asian roots. Joy’s paintings are rooted in spirituality and Shamanism and allow the viewer for his own interpretation.

Prominently featured Saza, painted in late 2017, is very emblematic of Joy’s practice. The Lion, Saza in Korean, has a very special place in Asia. The guardian of Justice and law, the Lion also offers protection against the bad and evil spirits. Joy’s interpretation borders the abstract and adds wings, often associated in the western world with Guardian angels. Joy uses a remarkable palette of colors usually found in western paintings.

Also on view are many more paintings including the large format and very imposing "Gwangwhamun Square", inspired by the 2016/17 massive demonstrations in Seoul that led to the impeachment of Korean President Park following a scandal mixing corruption and shamanism, seriously shaking the well established Korean political


Born in 1991 in Gumi, South Korea, Kim moved to New York in 2014. He briefly attended the School of Visual Art, SVA, before realizing that academic art training was unnecessary for his art to freely express itself.

He has since been a full time artist with a studio first in Chelsea and now in Bushwick.


Since June 2017 Joy Kim was featured in many group and solo shows on both coasts, including Street Masters, a Sotheby’s driven exhibition, the Art Hamptons Fair, Art Miami, and Art Basel Miami with Space 776, the Uncommon Beauty group show and two solo shows at Space 776 and Contempop Gallery in New York.

 -Jean-Noël Moneton

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Busan Anual Market of Art 

Busan, Korea 

"Hide and Go seek" (Solo Show) 

Gallery Artrie, Seoul, Korea

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