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New York, NY

Marco Bras

1_Bras_M_Inside the Temple_sculpture_Mar

Marco Bras was born in Moçambique, North Africa. His Art practice started with wood carving, as the Makonde woodcarver working with black wood.

As a child Bras went to Portugal where he learned photography, making catalogs for painters and sculptors.

Then one day he fell in love with stone. His art career started in the International Sculpture Center in Portugal with Master Sculptor Moises.

Later he became a teacher at his private Studio in Sintra, Portugal. His work is in private collections as well as public art commissions of his marble sculptures around the world.

Bras showed extensively in Europe and the United States. He exhibited his work at Art Bazel, Miami, Skope, Superfine Art fairs.

He currently works on his large-scale stone sculptures in the studio in New Jersey.  He is inspired by the feeling of forms and color, the creating process for him is encrypting codes and is a revelation for the mind that gets in touch with his creation.

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