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South Korean
Active in New York, USA


Yusuke Ochiai

 Yusuke Ochiai, a self-taught painter and sculptor, continues a creative journey through self-exploration and dialogue with the external world. My art draws inspiration from the traditions of polytheism and Japan's Shinto, expressing the sanctity of life and the beauty of the universe through the personification of gods and energies. The dynamism of New York City, the raw energy of street art, and the fantastical visions of pop surrealism have brought new dimensions to my art. Influences from Japanese anime, particularly Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki's works, the concept of reincarnation, and classical arts have deeply impacted my creations. These elements achieve a timeless bridge in creative expression. My encounter with 'Path of Imagination' (POI) has been a pivotal moment in my 'Poieverywhere' creative endeavor, embodying my belief that true creativity springs from free thought.

 Saehyun Paik faced challenges adapting to social situations during her early years, leading her to discover a unique form of communication through art materials. In her ongoing exploration of these 'conversations,' Paik integrates two or more media in each artistic process. Having developed her communication style through painting repetition, she continues to explore human experiences without direct representation.

 Paik's artistic quest is rooted in a search for elements lacking in the modern human experience. Recent endeavors involve experimental forays into abstract expression, employing techniques such as color combination, contrast, audacious brushstrokes, and close color relationships. This thematic exploration can be traced back to the early works of Paik, showcasing a consistent thread in her artistic evolution.

 Presently, Paik is passionately committed to honing her abstract painting style, with a special focus on the realm of abstract expressionism evident in her ongoing oil painting series. Commenced in early 2019, this series encapsulates a new and gentle visual aesthetic. The lively and vibrant colors convey a feeling of constant, invigorating energy that remains steadfast.

 In addition to her painting pursuits, Paik has diversified her artistic portfolio by venturing into career architecture and 3D modeling and engineering for custom jewelry. Her sculpture work draws inspiration from a diverse range of processing techniques, material knowledge, and experiences. Notably, Paik has achieved significant success in the jewelry industry, contributing design and 3D work for legendary Grammy artists such as Alicia Keys, Future, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B & Offset, Lil Uzi Vert, NBA sports stars, and other prominent figures. This collaboration showcases Paik's versatility and her ability to seamlessly integrate her artistic vision into various creative domains.

 "Regarding lines"

 "Lines play a multifaceted role in artistic expression, communication, musical composition, and the conveyance of speed. I favor the use of parallel lines to instill a sense of movement and evoke elegant moods in my artwork. I consistently find numerous line patterns to be inherently elegant, and these patterns are readily observable in our daily lives. Examples from kitchenware, fabric and textiles, household products, and fashion serve as ongoing inspiration for my creative endeavors."

by, Saehyun Paik


IPGAC 0217 Acrylic on Canvas (2021)

 The global architecture company Gensler drew inspiration from Saehyun Paik's geometry series across artwork series. This inspiration influenced the interior design of the landmark building, The ARK, located in London, England.

(201 Talgarth Road, Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom)

ISCPP0029 "Metal on Paper"

 Graphite on Paper and Resin-coated, 2017

"A prevalent sensory characteristic of the metal is its coolness. However, when graphite, although sharing this cool attribute, interacts with paper, a visual and tactile transformation occurs. The cool, metallic quality of the material adopts a warmer tone, serving as a central theme in my expression through this sculpture."

by, Saehyun Paik. Oct 14. 2017

"ISMST0090" work in progress. 2019



Selected Solo Exhibitions 


Saehyun Paik and Marco Bras "I’ll Meet You in The Wonder" SPACE776 Gallery. New York, US


 "Visual Logic" 485 Chashama Gallery, 485 Madison Ave. New York, NY US


"First" Ouchi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY US

Selected Group Exhibitions 


"Japanese and Korean Contemporary Artist" Group Exhibition,

SPACE776 & ARTUE., The Rink Level Gallery Rockefeller Center. New York, US


Saehyun Paik and Marco Bras "I’ll Meet You in The Wonder" SPACE776 Gallery. New York, US


Group show "Interconnected" Korean Community Services center in Queens, New York, US


Chashama Group Exhibition. Chashama Gallery, 320 W 23rd St, New York, US


 "Envisioning" Transformer Gallery, American University’s Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C. US


"Contemporary Landscape 2020" International Exhibition CICA Museum, Gimpo, S. Korea


Group Exhibition. Jip & Olympia Gallery, NY US


"The Art of Meditation" Islip Art Museum, 50 Irish Ln, East Islip, NY US


"Allow me to Reintroduce Myself" Ground Floor Gallery at New Cigar Factory, LIC, NY US


"Radical Resistance to Xenophobia" Group Exhibition. Grady Alexis Gallery, the El Taller Center, NY US

Gallery Exhibitions

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