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Layla Pizarro

"Layla Pizarro is a multifaceted visual artist based in Chile. Her practice bridges two distinct realms: figurative realism and non-representational abstraction. Her works are a reflection of her days and experiences. Her artistic practice ranges from analog and digital painting to digital and experimental photography. As a conceptual artist she has been experimenting with AI as a tool in her art. She feels that the technique to be used in an art works should best express the concept of each series work. That is way she is always in a state of experimenting in my creative practice.
Layla is the creator and co-host of Arte y Labia podcast, a weekly art podcast where she interviews artist on a weekly bases.

Layla Pizarro



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"""Amidst"" Generative AI Artwork trained on my personal photograph collection

This work is part of ""Memory."" A series that explores the boundary of home, of belonging to a place or group. I've photographed my hometown over the years and ran those images through an AI training, generating both videos and images. The resulting generative AI artworks captured my uncomfortable state of not being sure of the past nor present, the here or there. A metaversal reality appears from this amalgam of worlds I experience; the real, the fictional and the digital. A new world has appeared and I no longer have to decide which I belong to."


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