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"Lindsayking is a digital artist, a painter, and also a picture book maker who graduated from Parsons School of Design. Majored in motion graphics, she has always been fascinated by well-made animations and storytelling.

Since she entered the NFT market, she has been experiencing various projects for more than a year: through the PFP Project, in which she worked as a team for the first time in the NFT scene, multiple exhibitions at metaverse galleries, and the experience of the work appearing on a giant display outside the building.
The worldview that she built has gradually been developed—showing ordinary people with unique and different stories of their own, not only through NFT works but also through physical paintings.

Lindsayking expresses the characteristics of the people caught through observation with her unique and colorful, bright style. She deeply believes in fate, is interested in human relations, and tries to convey a message of respect to people. She thinks beautiful things come from details and differences. And she likes to express the contents of empathy brightly and humorously."


Moulin Ether

An homage Moulin Rouge, La Goulue by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, one of my favorite artists.

Since it was his first graphic poster, I decided to drop it as the first one in the <All the Classics> collection. As an illustrator and a graphic designer, the layout of his poster works and the bold touches of the outline amazes me the most.

The cancan dancer and the lover are described as cats, and the people in the back are also replaced with the silhouette of animals.

I hope it takes you back in the days with the sound to create the atmosphere of the ballroom.



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