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DAO, Decentralized Ancestry Odyssey 

June 2022 Group Exhibit 

DAO, Decentralized Ancestry Odyssey 

One-person content creator connects with the global metaverse community. 

The world is entering Web3 era, and one single person content creator’s world is coming. Everyone has various access to multiple platforms to publish their creations. We are able to sustain ourselves surrounded by the ecosystem we are building. Each one of the creators is equal to the whole universe. There is no single central system controlling everything. This new decentralized system will open a whole new lifestyle and journey for creators. Web3 creators are the early ancestors who are starting this peregrination. Creators and Artists are connected with global communities through the metaverse now. 

This exhibit is planned for celebrating every single creator. Even the way we select artists is drastically different from a transitional way. It is mixed with the new DAO voting system by Vizmesh community. Compared to a transitional way of curation that is invited privately by the gallery curator. The starting point of choosing artists is considered as a web3 experimentation. This collaborative curation is a new way of the art form. This brought the most diverse global communities to the New York art scene. We look forward to influencing the traditional physical market by mixing with web3  and NFT creators! 

Welcome to the decentralized world of Web3. 

Celebrate, فلِتَيح, Celebrar, Slaviti, Fejre, Vieren, 庆祝, 축하! 

By June Kim 

NFT Art Curator

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