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DigiAna: Smell of Digital

DigiAna Art deals with multi-sensory digital and analog media. The artists’ works focus on augmented reality and the cultural intersections between human-felt experience and a virtually impelled world. Through virtual events, group performances, gallery shows, and format events, DigiAna Group creates a meeting place for viewers to enjoy and discuss these ideas.


Digital platforms are as important to human consumption of media as utensils are to sustenance. DigiAna Art raises questions about the connections, values and lifestyles created by the all-consuming presence of digital devices and media. DigiAna seeks the essence of human and digital experiences by redefining the role that digital devices play in our world. It is an experimental attempt to remove the role that digital devices and those platforms currently play in order to grasp the essence of the contents. 

For this online exhibition, eleven artists from around the world present their work as NFTs, taking various approaches to the new digital format.

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