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May 5 - 30, 2023

Opening Reception: May 5, 6-8 pm

Rimm Chae

Enzo Lee

Elena Chestnykh

Marco Bras



37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space 776 is excited to announce Domains, a group exhibition featuring artwork by Rimm Chae, Enzo Lee, Elena Chestnykh, and Marco Bras. Each artist in the show represents one of the four domains in the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Or in other words, parts that form a complete human being in the modern humanistic and holistic assessment model.


We experience the element of nature and our unity with the planet and environment through Rimm Chae's most recent body of work, "Lacquered Landscapes," from the series Mountains and Islands, which explores the harmony between humanity and nature through a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, and jewelry. In this body of work, fraught with intense color and simplified lines, Rimm Chae interprets natural processes of transformation expressed by mountains and islands over time.  


As a symbol of our psyche, Enzo Lee's large paintings are inspired by his personal journal entries and his experience as a cinematographer. Lee developed his philosophy and artistry of using a journal as a tool to live life itself as a form of art, naming his output "Piece of Enzo". The painting represents the basic building blocks of a movie or in this case, a “journal” structured as an Epilogue, and five chapters to be continued throughout Lee’s art journey. 


Elena Chestnykh's landscapes and figures are filled with poetic metaphors that represent the Social aspect not only describing her experiences navigating life in America, geographically, culturally, and politically, but also focusing on gender, body, and the self.


And on the top of the model is Spirituality, which can be defined as one’s religious beliefs and practices as well as one’s sense of purpose and meaning in life. Marco Bras' stone-carved sculptures demonstrate his mastery of the carving technique and an allegory to human beings’ spirit. Carving the stone is a mystic performance for Bras. Through his creations, he transmits spiritual signs and symbols, the “voice” of the universe.




Chae Rimm (b. 1963, South Korea) received the Leonardo Da Vinci Award in Florence, Italy. Her works of art were also accepted and exhibited at the Start Art Fair held at London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2017. She became the first Korean to win the SOLO Award at Artexpo New York. The International André Malraux Association also awarded her at the International Cultural Heritage Fair held in Paris. She has successfully held numerous solo exhibitions in Seoul, New York, and Paris. Her artwork has also been well-received at leading art fairs in Miami, Barcelona, Singapore, Cologne, Taipei, London, Brussels, and Toulouse.


Enzo Lee (b.1988, South Korea) is a journal artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Enzo first started his journey as an artist by carrying a journal during his teenage years. Uncertain of the future, he started to write down his feelings, thoughts, and experiences to study himself, hoping to gain control over his life. Over time, the habit naturally evolved into something more and became not only a form of recording but also a form of expression. His own voice, the art. Enzo published his first book of essays and poems, “Bird in Space”, in 2014. Realizing that the voice shouldn’t be limited by any specific medium, he went on to study filmmaking to learn multi-dimensional aspects of art. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts, and works on a permanent video journal series called “Piece of Life”. Currently, there are about 120 episodes online. 

Elena Chestnykh (b. Novosibirsk, Russia) has exhibited both nationally and internationally including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, Saint-Petersburg, WINZAVOD, Moscow, the State Museum of  Novosibirsk, Tomsk, and Kemerovo in Russia, and Nord Art 2010, Rendsburg, Germany.  SFA projects, and The Royal Gallery, NYC, Trenton Artwork Center, NJ, and in a selected group exhibition at the School of Visual Art Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  

Marco Bras (b. 1973, Mozambique, Africa) Moved to Portugal where he studied photography, drawing, and experimental filmmaking until he fell in love with stone carving. He attended the International Sculpture Center in Portugal. He studied with masters of carving stones like Moises, Antonio Quina, Rogerio Timoteo, and Romeu Costa.  Marco Bras showed his work extensively in Europe and the United States. Participated in various art fairs, and received prizes and honors for the excellence of his carving technique such as a first-place award D. Fernando II. Marco Bras established his studio in Long Island City, New York, where he creates large-scale stone-carved sculptures.

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