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January 13–15, 2024 

Opening Reception: January 13, 2024, 6–8pm 

Bosul Kim 

Seongho Joeng


37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space 776 is pleased to present Future Frames - a two-person exhibition that brings together two artists, Bosul Kim and Seongho Joeng, who seamlessly blend the realms of digital art and theater to envision the future from their unique perspectives.


Navigating diverse spectrums and experiences, the exhibition delves into the personal journeys of these artists as they explore the essence of individual existence in our evolving society. The exhibition, which spans painting, interactive media art, and sculpture, probes into personal solitude, offering a thoughtful examination and tracing pathways towards collective togetherness.


This exhibition is presented through a global residency with CultureHub and Seoul Institute of the Arts.


Bosul Kim is a media artist experimenting at the intersection of art and technology. Based in Seoul, her work is inspired by the idea of organic connectivity between humans and nature, rooting from eastern philosophies and imaginations. Her work is created with AI, AR/XR, and Motion Capture in the metaverse, which allows the audience to experience a meditative alternative reality within the digital realm.


The exhibition will showcase her unique vision of the post-human environment, presenting a near-future world that merges mythic imagination with scientific data. Audiences will immerse themselves in a surreal environment where the past and future, humans and non-humans, nature and life are intricately interconnected.


Seungho Jeong, having worked as a stage designer for 30 years, witnessed the painstakingly crafted stage sets being discarded after performances. This led him to collect discarded items, infusing them with new meaning to create his own unique works of art. He integrates contemporary digital technologies to offer audiences a fresh experience of his artwork and provide a more meaningful encounter with his creations.


Building upon this frame box-based artwork, transcending the boundaries between sculpture and painting, he presents pieces that vividly depict various facets of human existence, offering a glimpse into solitude and contemplation. Through his creations, audiences can explore the intricacies of the human condition, as he navigates the intersection of traditional and contemporary art.



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