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August 19 - 30, 2022


Opening Reception:

Friday, August 19, 2022, 6-8 pm

Gilles Chalandon

Reflection on My Life

curated by Younghye Hwang

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


New York, NY- Space 776 is pleased to present a solo exhibition of French-American outsider artist Gilles Chalandon whose unique style and color palette draws inspiration from his homeland in southern France. This is his second solo exhibition at Space 776. 


During Chalandon's first exhibition in 2020, the artist, who is an accomplished open water swimmer, focused on a circle of fellow swimmers' portraits as they prepared to cross the English Channel. Chalandon’s current exhibition reflects on the story his paintings tell. Curator, Younghye Hwang has selected two series of portraits, one of Gilles’ swimming friend, Capri, and the other of his daughter, Odette. 


Chalandon was seriously ill last year. His drawing and skills have become more settled as we can see in portraits of his daughter Odette, which he did after he recovered from his illness. With these portraits, he captures his personal life by depicting his daughter as a symbol of the female side of his family history. Chalandon also captures his friend Capri’s multi-faceted personality and appearance from memory just after her return to their swimming group.


Flowers and plants were an essential part of Chalandon’s childhood and they are also featured in this exhibition. They recall the beautiful, terraced gardens of his family and the woods and forests where he spent hours hiking in the mountains and plateaus in South France before immigrating to America. After Chalandon settled in New York City he noticed it is where everything moves fast and where people seem to come and go, he found a real need to take the time to reflect on the people and things around him.  After years of being pulled away from his art by his passion for his family, his swimming, his work, and his travels, Chalandon heartedly welcomes the opportunity to slow down and spend more time than ever on his artwork. 


Reflection on My Life is dedicated to Gilles Chalandon’s reflection on the people and things around him, having nostalgic memories of the artist’s most special moments and people in his life. As viewers find themselves surrounded by Chalandons memories they will find themselves reflecting on their own memories of people and precious moments experienced in their past as well. 




Gilles André Chalandon (b. 1956, Le Vigan, France) is a swimmer and a painter with no formal art education, except for time spent with an uncle who was a painter.