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October 24 - November 6, 2023

Opening Reception: October 27, 6-8 pm

Insook Park

Sound + Dance + Color

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space 776 is proud to introduce Sound+Dance+Color, a solo exhibition by South Korean artist Insook Park. 

With a unique blend of color, movement, sound, and light, Park's work serves as a captivating exploration of the human "inner light." Drawing inspiration from the spiral sequences of her daughter's figure skating, she employs colored pencils to craft drawings that echo the same fluid movements and light-infused quality that is reminiscent of the flow of a vibrant musical composition. 

Park's artistic creations reflect on cosmological shapes that evoke a visual synchronicity to tantric drawings, using color to heightened emotional states. Her installation pieces amplify the rich tapestry of Korean traditional dance, seamlessly intertwining elements of culture, connecting individuals, nature, and cherished memories. The artist states, “Through my practice, I discovered that I could capture my inner light through color, sound, and movement. It was a healing process that forged a connection with nature. Through my work, I've been able to extend that connection to others." 




Insook Park is a South Korean-born, New York - based artist who loves poems, nature, and explores the resonances of different dimensions. Her work has been exhibited in New York and New Jersey. Her work was exhibited in Seoul, South Korea. She holds an MFA degree from SVA, New York, and BA from EWHA Women’s University, Seoul.

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