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Jongmin "Joy" Kim

   Jongmin "Joy" Kim is a South Korean artist. Born in 1991 in the city of Gumi-Si. Landing in America in 2014, Joy has since focused on creating art, that is respondent to the vibrant culture of street art of New York City. The artist finding inspiration in the expressiveness of contradictions, peoples' social lives, and instinct.

    I believe art is a communication technique based solely on visual elements. I would say that a good piece of work affects taste, hearing, touch, smell, and even feelings with visual elements only. The role of an artist is to make the most of and give an impression on almost all senses. Since everyone has different thinking and background, however, it will be difficult to form popular consensus among everyone People have their own preference - one might prefer salty taste, while the other has sweet tooth; one would cling to instrumental music while the other loves hip hop music with a heavy beat. This explains that artists require a broad range of experience to be able to create consensus with others. 

I would like to take a moment and talk about my most precious talent. I like everything equally. It is not to say that I have no preference, but rather, I have many preferences. I am confident that this will enable me to gain empathy with many people. I frequently mix my memories into my works. I let myself enjoy a variety of experience for various memories and record it in my journal. There can be special cases, too. When I am approached with media with no visual elements, such as books and music, I sometimes record the elements in image as it draws in my mind. I sometimes record intense memories that are hard to describe in words in drawing. These are initially simple sketches so I transfer them into a larger canvas for details. I think of completed work briefly before making decisions about what kind of materials I should use to express my memories; I plan ahead of time what kind of materials I should use to better express my work.- Joy Kim

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