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May 16 - 29, 2024

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 6-8 pm

Kimin Kim     
No Leaf Will Be Shaken
Curated by Irene Gong

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space 776 is pleased to present a solo show of recent paintings and drawings by South Korean artist Kimin Kim: No Leaf Will Be Shaken, curated by Irene Gong.

The exhibition’s title stems from his long-term understanding of the motion and structure of the perennial flowers that underpin his practice. Motivated by the sensitivity and vulnerability of living beings, Kim presents the complexity of flowers that are united as a whole but scattered on an individual scale.

Scent drenched, red leaves above it, the road
Cold chilling wind reflecting drenched wet grove
For me, what is to be walked, the road
Fall and spring, wild and rough as the winds dream

“Dream Path” poem by Sowol Kim

Greatly inspired by the poem, the artist transforms the formless abstraction of emotions into concrete visualization. He expresses various colors and shapes of petals and stems that oscillate irregularly and fluidly: thin and thick, weak and bold, dense and loose, light and dark.

Adapting nature as a way of life, luminous yet blurred brushstrokes of flora resemble our unforeseeable human relationships in an interconnected world.


The works on view include depictions of forms of natural phenomena and explore the notion of temporality. Utilizing oil paint and oil pastels, his intricate technique of applying layers with subdued tones embraces blooming dreams amid the tranquil emotions an anonymous self encounters in solitude.




Kimin Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. In 2024, he earned his BFA with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design and is based in New York and Seoul. He has held solo and group exhibitions in galleries such as Nua Gallery, Woods-Gerry Gallery, and Gelman Gallery. Specializing in painting, Kim’s works merge figurative and abstract representations of sentimentality in the form of flowers and underlie the subtlety of human relationships. 

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