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May 21 - June 16, 2021


Too Fast to Live,

Too Young to Die

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


New York, NY- Space 776 Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition focused on the duo, Liz-N-Val at our New York gallery in Lower East Side. The presentation will feature many never-before-exhibited works from the 1970s through the most recent works. Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die is a retrospective exhibition of some of the most representative works realized in a period of about 40 years by Liz-N-Val. The duo use unorthodox materials, processes, and concepts as a 'direct' approach to making art. 

Liz-N-Val is an artist team that has collaborated for over forty years. Elizabeth Clark and Valentin Goroshko met in New York City in the 70s. Part of the East Village scene in the 1980s, they showed at Civilian Warfare, Kwok, Public Image, as well as Fashion Moda in the Bronx and in traveling exhibitions like Samizdat Art. 


Liz-N-Val are the founder of Abstractrealism: the philosophy of "something from nothing Art''. Abstractrealism is the logical outcome of Abstract Art and Realism. As proprietors of the MuseuM of Abstractrealism, Liz-N-Val have long been fascinated by the play between the representational and the real. Doing what Liz-N-Val do best: making people wonder. Quite without irony, Liz-N-Val remain committed to the idea that art can and should be at once magical and truthful-as Liz once described it, the go-go dancer’s dream of the meditative state.


The world has been changing rapidly since they first met in the ’70s, bringing more and more new technologies, constantly changing the art market environment and politics. There’s so much to do for Liz-N-Val to continue their art, love, and life journey.

Liz-N-Val is the conceptual artist couple, Elizabeth Clark and Valentine Goroshko, based in NYC. They have been working together creating numerous conceptual art and the concept of Signature Art since the ’70s. Liz-N-Val has mixed various mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and language art. They have set precedents in the expanded field of art since the conceptual art movement.




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