MaryV Benoit

MaryV Benoit is a Brooklyn-based queer artist originally hailing from Denver, Colorado.


MaryV went to Denver School of the Arts for Stagecraft and Design where she began to photograph her friends and teenage life. Now, she studies Photography at Parsons The New School. MaryV is intrigued by the beauty of identity, representation, bodies, intimacy, and love. She explores these topics through portraiture photography.


She incorporates the skills she learned in Stagecraft and is experimenting with video, presenting her photographs on clothing, performance art, and dance. This is her first solo show at gallery Space 776.

She has had some of her Gender Documentation work shown in galleries in Manchester, England and Los Angeles, California. She has also worked with VFILES, ADOLESCENT, and DROME.


MaryV hopes her work can make your preconceived notions regarding love, sex, intimacy, and nudity shift. If not, at least allow you to start a conversation about them.



37-39 Clinton St 

1st floor, New York,

NY 10002



229 Central Avenue 

1st Floor, Brooklyn,

NY 11221


24, Yongmagongwon-ro 10ga-gil, 2F Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Korea 02185

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