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July 12 - 24, 2024


Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 7-9 PM

Diana Kim 

Darae Baek 

Josh Draper

Memory Flow

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space776 New York is pleased to present 'Memory Flow,' a three-person exhibition featuring Diana Kim, Darae Baek, and Josh Draper. This exhibition is dedicated to sustainability and the stream of consciousness arising from our life's memories, showcasing art pieces that embody personal experiences and wall installations made from natural materials.

Memory Flow features an exterior wall installation designed to provide an impactful experience. A survey will assess the influence of these wall products on the perception of space, followed by an online survey to evaluate the long-term impressions these installations leave on visitors' memories of the spaces.

SERA, a company specializing in sustainable building materials using natural fiber-reinforced composites, produces the installation elements. Their products create various artistic environments, emphasizing the beauty and functionality of natural materials.

In Memory Flow, SERA's products will be displayed on exterior walls, with participation from the Gaudi World Foundation. These exterior wall pieces, inspired by the flow of organic forms in nature-centric architecture, explore how these environments are remembered in people's consciousness.

Additionally, architect Josh from CASE will present works focusing on the transformation of material properties, while artist Baek Darae's pieces will examine the interplay between the multitude of colors, human movements, and the changing nature of our experiences and intentions.

Diana Kim Doyeon Diana Kim PhD. founded Sustainable Environment Renewable Architecture (SERA), specializing in Natural Fiber Composite (NFC) technology for building materials. With extensive experience as a research scholar at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a background in sculpture, architecture, and urban sustainability, Kim is trying to promote eco-friendly construction innovations. She aims to incorporate more curved architectural facades into the living environments. Her artwork can represent the identity of the building or the owner of the space.


Darae Baek's recent explorations delve into the intersection of individual identity (name, gender, family) and broader societal issues (environment, war, hate crimes), examining their impact on personal existence. Baek’s character, the monster pitcher, is a character that personifies life. In this exhibition, Baek's animations and shovel performance videos convey the economic uncertainty and aspirations for stability that define the contemporary moment.

Josh Draper's Josh Draper is an architect, researcher, and artist whose work reimagines waste as functional, poetic material. For "Memory Flow", Josh has collaborated with Cafe Nube, a cafe in Sunset Park Brooklyn, gathering their spent coffee grounds and eggshells for use as new biocomposite materials. The pieces combine narratives of the perception of waste materials, carbon, labor, time, and identity. 



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