Michael Krasowitz

Michael's work deals with the deconstruction of myth to "reset" the initial inspiration to express archetypal ideas in visual imagery.   Inspired by the exercises of the surrealists,  Michael created his own visual language, a variation of Asemic writing, became the basis for his early imagery.  Abstract variations of eastern characters can be seen in these pieces

Spontaneous or automatic drawing is an essential element in his work.  To subvert the conscious mind, what he calls "Trompe L'Esperit", or fool the mind, is a technique to create art which transcends the individual intent. 

Michaels painting technique is rooted in the craft of painting, using under painting and glazing, to create three dimensional forms.  He creates his own canvas and works with historical materials whenever possible.

Below is a link to Michael's Blog.  Also there is a link to his facebook page where he posts frequently......