Nataliya Hines

Space776 is pleased to present the solo show Sighthound by Nataliya Hines curated by Dante Bellardita-Fernández.

The exhibited collection of prints and drawings attempt to communicate the experience of feminine anxiety as an effect of the predatory disposition associated with the all too familiar male gaze. Drawing inspiration from texts by Laura Mulvey and bell hooks, Hines’ work reads as prose that questions one’s own comfort by expressing corporal discomfort of both human and animal. The title of the show holds meaning literally as a type of dog used in lure coursing that uses its sight more than any other sense. Sighthound also connotes a dogged fervor for what one sees.

It is the alternative understanding of the word which the artist associates with feminine anxiety from the predatory disposition that is associated with masculinity and the male gaze.

Nataliya Hines is an artist. Their work was featured in an exhibition at the Space 776, Brooklyn. In MutualArt’s artist press archive, Nataliya Hines is featured in Nataliya Hines at Space776, New York, a piece from the ARTINFO in 2017.


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