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Gilles André Chalandon

La clef de I'infini 1, 2019

Pencil, Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic based Mater marker

30 × 24 in


Gilles André Chalandon (b. 1956, Le Vigan, France) is a painter and swimmer. At 11 years old his godmother gave him a choice between a camera or a radio for a gift; he chose the camera. Since then he has been interested in the realism and exactness that photographic technology offers. Gilles has always been pulled away from pursuing art, by swimming, work, and traveling, but in times of transition, like his move from his small town in the south of France to Paris, his later move to New York, the birth of his daughter, and January 2016, with the death of David Bowie, he would find himself diving back into illustrating and painting.

Gilles André Chalandon