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Icarus, 2002

 terra cotta with oxide stains,

4 1⁄2” x 3 1⁄2” x 2”




My drawings are from life, or distilled through memory or dream.  In portraits,  it’s about the person, my experience of them, and out interaction. Sometimes we talk and the person I’m drawing or painting doesn’t have to be still; sometimes the person enjoys being still and quiet. It’s an ‘experiment’ in empathy. Aesthetically, it’s a struggle between the power of a line and flatness, and volume and color.  I cast my sculptures in bronze. This warm metal can capture the plasticity and emotion of my figurative forms. My focus encompasses fellow creatures. I study human and animal anatomy–I want to know and understand–yet my work is initiated and developed by a feeling of a shape or an emotional reaction. Some of my pieces are countersunk on bases that allow the viewer to manipulate and reposition them. I work larger sculptures with sisal fiber or burlap in structolite– the slow-setting construction material, or plaster over an interior armature or wire mesh. The sisal fiber allows me to more easily carve into the shape and change it after it has set.

 Underlying my art is the hope or belief in human beings’ potential for intelligence and compassion and the tension between these and other human propensities.

Noa Bornstein - Icarus