International artists are welcome to apply at any time through our rolling admissions process.

The Space776 Residency encourages dialogue, exchange, and experimentation. The program allows visiting artists to develop projects in response to their new environment or conduct research benefiting from New York's resources. The Residencies Program is firmly established in the New York art scene, promoting diverse cultures and practices through international and experimental projects.
The Space776 Residency develops an international residency program that gives non-resident artists in New York the opportunity to live and work in New York for one month to three months (longer periods can be arranged). The program aims to facilitate the international exchange and the exchange of ideas through artistic practice in visual arts, performance, photography, music, and video.


The Space776 Residency offers twelve living and work studios for residency in a former business hotel in Hudson Yards. It is a redbrick building, a 4 minute walk from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, and 5 minutes by foot from 34th Street-Hudson Yards subway station. Featuring complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.


The accommodation and studio are located within the same space. There are shared spaces and patios.


Artists are expected to pay for their expenses. This includes studio space and accommodation, which are both in-site. For more information:

Expectations towards the artist

Artists are expected to partake in Artist Talks, Workshops, and Open Studio events. This is a valuable opportunity for artists to promote and raise awareness about their work because it gives them the chance to create a dialogue of exchange between themselves and the diverse audiences that attend the events, thus promote their artist profile.


Potential artists should apply by email, and selection is decided by a jury that determines the most promising candidates. Please email us at with the following information;

•  A brief description of the work you intend to create during your residency

•  Bio/ CV– Artwork Portfolio (pdf)

•  The dates you plan to stay

Once we receive the application, we will get back to you with our decision. Artists are subject to approval and space availability.


Rosetta DeBerardinis

Rosetta DeBerardinis is an American artist (born in New York). 


DeBerardinis is an abstract painter with works as large as nine feet, and three-dimensional pieces that incorporate recycled materials. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, universities, and art venues and is included in both public and private collections. Her work has been exhibited at The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Hampton University Museum, the Dallas Women’s Museum, the City Museum of Varazdin, Croatia, The Museum of Latin American Art, the Noyes Museum, the African American Museum of Dallas, and the Islip Museum.

In 2003, she was nominated by art historian Barbara Rose, David Rubin and other jurors to represent the United States as a lifetime member on its team for the Florence, Italy Biennale.

Yongsun Suh (2019)

Yongsun Suh was born in Seoul in 1951. He studied painting at Seoul National University and started his career as an artist in 1979. His works depict public, social and political issues based on his own understanding and experience.

Minji Cho (2018)

Minji Cho is a South Korean artist who studied traditional Oriental painting. Cho's works primarily explore Buddhist concepts such as insight into the true nature of reality, working towards enlightenment through meditation, and striving to fully comprehend impermanence, suffering, and the non-self. 

Joohwan Moon (2018 -2019)

Joohwan Moon is a South Korean mixed media sculptor. He was born in Seoul in 1992, where he lived and developed most of his artistic style before coming to New York in 2018. Majoring in sculpture at University of Seoul, Joohwan has created sculptures and installations using a plethora of media; he has used traditional sculpture media such as stone and clay, but has always challenged himself to use any and all media possible to better represent and illustrate his concepts.

Patricio Jijon (2017-2018)

Patricio Javier Maldonado Jijón (born November 18, 1976) in Quito Ecuador is a painter, photographer, video artist, and composer of experimental, rock & electronic music.

Founder of the experimental Ecuadorian band Dentro de Helena, he participated in various projects as a composer, singer, bassist, & producer (Dion4, Raza, Trovador Depresivo, Feeltronic, The Divorce, Miss Celio) in Chile, Ecuador, and New York City where he currently resides.

Lucía Rodríguez

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Injun Chang (2019)

Injun Chang was born in 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from Sangmyung University in 2014 with a bachelor’s in animation but continued his art career exploring a variety of media including painting, performance, and sound art. In addition to exhibiting his paintings in art fairs, Injun also released a group artbook called Malnol-e (meaning “wordplay”), along with an album of his music called Banalog (meaning “half analog, half digital”).

Joy Kim (2018)

Jongmin “Joy” Kim is a South Korean artist. He traveled to America in 2014, working to further his career in New York City. Joy has since focused on creating art that is respondent to the vibrant culture of street art of his Brooklyn neighborhood, finding inspiration in the expressiveness of contradictions, peoples' social lives, and instinct.

Heather Rae Hatton (2017)

Heather Rae Hatton (b. 1981, Honesdale PA USA) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. She has shown work repeatedly in Brooklyn galleries and more recently has expanded her visibility nationally. In 2017 her goals are to continue expanding geographically, to travel, and to develop her social media presence.

Nari Kim (2015 - 2016)

Nari Kim is a multi-media artist. She was born in Korea, lives and works in Brooklyn. She received her BFA from Hong lk University in Korea (2009). In 2014, she received an MFA Scholarship grant from the AHL foundation in New York. In the spring of 2015, she received her MFA from Hunter College in New York. Her work has been written about Hyperallergic magazine (May 2013).

Kyunglee Kim (2019)

Kyunglee Kim is a Korean painter living and working in New York City.  

She paints an intimate portrait of loneliness 

Kyungtae Min (2019)

Kyung Tae Min is a Korean artist living and working in New York City. He graduated MFA painting from New York Academy of Arts and BFA illustration from Parsons New School for design. He is a contemporary artist and also an illustrator. He is strongly fond and enthusiastic to paint not only human figure motion but also wild life. His them is about the relationship of Human

and Nature. His idea of painting seems to be a synthetic world and reflect that humanism should be not destroyed nature.

Paula Dunlop (2018)

Paula Dunlop is an artist, designer and maker based in Brisbane, Australia.

Donnie Kim (2015 - 2016) 

Donnie Kim is a graphic designer who works and lives in Brooklyn. In 2009, she worked for Asadal, a well respected graphic design firm in Korea. She is the founder of a graphic design company named Apple D, which was ranked in the top three of Korean design companies from 2009 to 2012. In 2008, she received an AAS degree in from photography from Seoul Art College.