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September 1 - 26, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, September 1, 6-9 pm

Ryan Schroeder

Engaging Reality: People and Spaces

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


Space 776 is excited to present Engaging Reality: People and Spaces- a solo exhibition of paintings by Ryan Schroeder.

Through the painting process, Schroeder explores aspects of reality, including its abject elements. During his encounter with such a place, he seeks to engage and examine not only its physical characteristics but also his personal response to them. His masterful use of color, texture, and composition that delves into the nostalgic haunting beauty of abandoned spaces evokes very powerful emotions. The artist describes his paintings as “relics whose surfaces have been distressed in a manner that parallels the nature of the external object to which they are referring”.

Interested in the relationships between figures, and their surroundings, Schroeder considers himself a voyeur to these scenes; watching quietly from a distance. His works often depict disheveled domestic spaces, engaging themes of chaos, loss, and mental health. He is interested in the idea of cultural erasure, by way of war, socioeconomic changes, the outsourcing of jobs, and deindustrialization.

I am interested in the idea of subtraction; the removal of material things from a place, or the removal of individuals from their dwellings. Using dilapidated interiors as a tableau, I seek to challenge the parameters of taste. In these works, I consider where abstraction and representation meet. I think of these disheveled domestic spaces as psychological echo chambers. - Ryan Schroeder




Ryan Schroeder (b.1987) Received a Bachelor of Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009 and a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Art Academy in 2015. Studied at SACI, Florence, Italy, and Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. Schroeder is a winner of numerous art awards and grants, such as the Presidential Scholarship, National Art Honors Society Scholarship, Eichelberg Scholarship in Painting, Art History Scholarship, MICA Talent Grant, MICA Pre-College Scholarship. White House Fellows Leadership Conference. Resident Artist. Willard Hotel, Washington DC. NYAA Merit Scholarship, Academic Service Scholarship, The Michele & Timothy Barakett Scholarship. Elizabeth Greenshields Grant. Selected reviews and publications include BMoreArt Feature Story: Silent Interiors. Review of Things Forgotten, written by Matt Klos. Paintings published in Jet Fuel Review, Lewis University’s online literary journal. Woven Tale Press: Spotlight Vol. IV #10. Relics That Reflect Reality. Interview with Emily Jaeger, Published December 12, 2016. Or Does It Explode Magazine. Ryan Schroeder: A Conversation About Decay, Neglect, and What It Means to Be Forgotten. Interview with Tasha Mathew. Published June 4, 2016.

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