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Camille Chiang

"Camille Chiang is a contemporary artist born and raised in Hong Kong and now residing in San Francisco. She focuses on capturing the detailed emotions of human behavior through a compelling series of mixed media portraits.

“My goal as an artist is to capture the small untold stories we all carry inside. I want to evoke feelings and emotions that we often overlook or bury. Using mixed media, I work linearly from mess to precision, joining the abstract and surrealist art worlds to express vulnerability and identity.”"


Camille Chiang



Wackies is an animated generative version of Camille Chiang's portrait art with a supply of 2,500 unique pieces. Each ERC721 token lives on the blockchain under the wackies smart contract. Each NFT is bought with a starting price of 0.08 Ethereum, and then can be sold on the secondary market.

Janus : Multi Personas

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