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"VINDEEGIE is a brand director with 13 years of experience majoring in manga/animation, and dissolves his experiences and stories into the world view of NFT and metaverse with unique and diverse sensibilities.
Among them, the FASHIONCRYPTO collection is a PFP PROJECT for 9,999 global fashion people, a fashion community and fashion DAO using an avatar fitting system. NFT users are paying attention because of its beauty and each fashionable card, and its initial early price is jumped to 10 times more and sold out.

In 2022, Fashion Crypto No. 1414 was exhibited at the cryptopunk exhibition “PUNKISM” held at the Iham Gallery in Paris, France, and the initial sales were successful.

The NFTyearbook collection, which is an extension of the FASHIONCRYPTO avatar worldview, is an NFT that introduces the school days of various characters under the theme of ""graduation album"". It can be seen as an original attempt to connect the world view of NFT works in that it will be used to freely fit by connecting the profile as an avatar."





"This piece ""FINISH"" is a part of the NFTyearbook collection, expressing a girl who balances school life and KPOP IDOL life.
After finishing the stage full of energy, he expressed the ending pose with a close-up to the camera.
It features IDOL's conceptual hair and makeup, and the in-ears, microphones plugged into the ears for the stage, and it is a work of expression that presented in PFP format about the out of breath look after dancing.

Janus : Multi Personas

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