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January 13 - February 7, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, January 13, 2023, 6-8 pm

Saehyun Paik

Marco Bras 

I'll Meet You in The Wonder

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK


New York, NY- Space 776 is pleased to present I’ll Meet You in The Wonder a two-person exhibition showcasing paintings by Saehyun Paik and stone-carved sculptures by Marco Bras.


Saehyun Paik is a painter that explores abstract expression through various color combinations, contrast, audacious brush touch stroke, and close color relationships. Paik's artistic process originates from her solitary reflections and impressions of life. Paik explores people without representing them, creating dialogues through the material of her paintings. 


Marco Bras’s hand-carved sculptures are an allegory to human beings and their spirit. Bras polishes the imperfection of the material, the rustic stone, to illuminate the beauty of a spiritual body. Through his creations, he transmits spiritual signs and symbols, dialogues of nature and the universe. Carving the stone is a mystic performance and a combination of ancient techniques and modern technology. 


The artists are mediators of a dialogue between themselves as human beings and the outer world. I’ll Meet You In The Wonder is two artists “meeting” in the middle…a place that is a ground where both battles and peace can be found. 




Saehyun Paik (b. South Korea) attended Samsung Art and Design Institute and moved to the United States. Currently, she is an artist in residence at Chashama since 2019. Her works have been extensively exhibited in the United States, Canada, France, and South Korea. Currently, she works in The Diamond District, New York where she custom-designed jewelry for Alicia Keys, CardiB, and more.

Marco Bras (b. Moçambique, Africa) Moved to Portugal where he studied photography, drawing, and experimental filmmaking until he fell in love with stone carving. He attended the International Sculpture Center in Portugal. Studied with masters of carving stone like Moises, Antonio Quina, Rogerio Timoteo, and Romeu Costa.  Marco Bras showed his work extensively in Europe and the United States. Participated in various art fairs, and received prizes and honors for the excellence of his carving technique such as a first-place award D. Fernando II. Marco Bras established his studio in New Jersey, where he creates large-scale stone-carved sculptures.

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