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December 4 - 27, 2020

Liz-N-Val, Jean Oh, So Ye Oh, and MarcusGlitteris

Something from Nothing Art 

37-39 Clinton St NEW YORK

Opening Reception:  6-8pm, Friday, December 4, 2020


New York, NY- Space776 is pleased to present Something from Nothing Art, a group exhibition featuring new and important works by artists Liz-N-Val, Jean Oh, So Ye Oh, and MarcusGlitteriS. On View from December 4 - 27, 2020 at 37-39 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side.

Something from Nothing Art is inspired by Museum of Something-N-Nothing, created by artist couple Liz-N-Val as a conceptual enterprise, a new form of art in the 80's and this theme shares with three different artists based in New York in 2020. 

Liz-N-Val began working together in the late 70's and have been turning out their uniquely sardonic brand ever since. The variety of different media they've worked in and their refusal to conform to one style is immediately apparent upon entering the gallery, where you'll find paintings, collages, sculptures, and assemblages. Most of the works are small in scale, but many feature even tinier little people, dwarfed by the relative size of the artwork surrounding them, forming a sort-of Pop Sublime aesthetic. 

Jean Oh's drawing-like abstract paintings act as a constant reminder and tremor of the instability by presenting minor disturbance through the absurdity of the off-balanced composition with the various delicacies.

So Ye Oh's soft sculptures and baby blankets explore narratives of mothers' and children's daily routines to speak about the inseparable and complex relationship between them. 

MarcusGlitteriS' glitter-coated canvas groove like psychedelic dreams in his Madonna piece. His fluorescent color painting pieces are dedicated to his art idols like Dali, and Kith Haring. 

Throughout these four artists' works, they repurpose found materials, and comment on the commercialism of art and the language of advertising. They don't deny the commercial self-promotion of art—they embrace it in a way, taking out ads, bringing their art out on the street. Exchange value remains unhidden. Welcome to the MuseuM of Everything, or the MuseuM of Something-N-Nothing, or the MuseuM of Anything.