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IUM is a contemporary artist. She majored in sculpture, first began his work in 1995, and emerged as a representative artist of Generation X in Korea, which is differentiated from the previous generation by showing unique performance art works that become living sculptures wearing her own sculptures.
She first wrote an art storytelling and created it as an art book, sculpture, installation, performance, video, and photography.The Fukuoka Asian Museum of Art, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea, and Coreana Museum of Art are major collectors tha hold IUM’s works.



Visions of the Bride in a garland (2005)


*A total of five editions of minting. One of the editions is owned by the artist, and only four are listed and sold.
The physical photographic print is sold as a separate edition that does not belong to the NFT.

Since I started my career as an artist in 1995, I have been constantly on an artistic journey expressing my inner persona, but at one point, the false beauty created by the illusion of materialism and mass media confused my senses and eroded my true self.
When my artistic journey stopped in the dark around 2005, a ray of light shone deep into my heart. At that moment, I faced the bride in a garland as if I were looking at my face in front of a mirror.
The image symbolized the existence of a pure soul and made me feel the message that the true me, who had taken off all artificial character, came back and healed.

Janus : Multi Personas

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