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삶의 한가운데  In the Midst of Life, 2023

목판에 옻칠, 삼베, 한지Ottchil (Korean lacquer), Hemp cloth, Hanji (Korean paper) on wood ,  122x122cm 48.03x48.03in



Rimm Chae continuously worked with lacquer before it became a new form of contemporary art. Creating a new form of contemporary art was a great challenge that required tremendous tenacity and extensive experimentation because it was impossible to achieve by merely changing forms of work or developing new lacquer painting techniques. First of all, the artist should prove that lacquer painting is an art genre that can be elevated to the level of non-functional discussion from functional art through her work, and it should transcend the complex conceptual definition and boundaries of contemporary art. What is more, theories of contemporary art tend to delve into experimentation and the zeitgeist with focus on process as well as the political, social, and cultural independence of the work rather than functional perfection. Chae Rimm’s ‘lacquer painting’ is firmly rooted in tradition, but it is also evolving into something wholly original and ever more diverse. Her art attracts great attention for her elegant handling of lacquer, traditional craftsmanship underpinned by perfect technique of meticulous jewelry design, and her willingness to bring crafts and contemporary art together as one. If contemporary art is provocative fusion cuisine created by joining experimental, challenging concepts and subversive values of the material and the non-material, behavior, and the avant-garde, Chae Rimm’s art is poetic, emotional landscape of savory flavor created by lacquer painting.     - Yongwoo Lee  | Art Academic, Professor at Shanghai University


Chae Rimm (b. 1963) received the Leonardo Da Vinci Award in Florence, Italy. Her works of art were also accepted and exhibited at the Start Art Fair held at London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2017. She became the first Korean to win the SOLO Award at the Artexpo New York. The International André Malraux Association also awarded her at the International Cultural Heritage Fair held in Paris. She has successfully held numerous solo exhibitions in Seoul, New York, and Paris. Her artwork has also been well-received at leading art fairs in Miami, Barcelona, Singapore, Cologne, Taipei, London, Brussels, Toulouse and Venice Biennale

Rimm Chae_삶의 한가운데  In the Midst of Life, 2023