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Back to Normal(8”.5×7”, 8pp., 2021)

Artist Book by Dasha Bazanova & John Digby. Signed.


Dasha Bazanova (b.1987, Arkhangelsk) is a mixed media artist, curator, and the manager of Space 776 contemporary fine art gallery, she lives and works in New York. Bazanova was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia right before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  As a child she spent time at her grandparent’s farm in a small village called Kulikovo in the Arkhangelsk Region. Dasha Bazanova moved to Moscow where she got her Master’s Degree at the Moscow State University of International Relations in 2011. In 2012 Bazanova moved to New York. She earned an MFA at Long Island University in 2014. Bazanova has shown extensively in the United States and Internationally.


John Digby (b.1938, London) began writing Surrealist poetry from the early 1970s. He was influenced by Breton, Eluard, Arp, and Desnos. Although he was living in England, the first publications of his Surrealist poetry was in America during the time that he worked with George Hitchcock on Kayak Magazine in California. Over the years, he was published in Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, and Romania. His poetry is included in The Penguin Book of English Surrealism. In England, he was the co-founder of Caligula Books.


Back to Normal