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Emersion, 2022

Small single Sculptures, approx 1 in (dimeter)

$100 (Each, middle row $50)



Much of my work is inspired by the disparate manifestations of the
the elemental power of water -- as a force to shape the land, sustain
life, or erode and destroy. Bubbles of ancient CO2 captured in
Arctic ice; rising tides due to the climate crisis; fractal patterns
formed by the liquid contaminants in urban runoff -- these
phenomena represent nature in transition due our culture's impact
on the environment.
The formations that manifest at such sites resonate with me in
part because I have always lived at the water's edge, from my
childhood on Cape Cod to adult life in New Orleans and New York
City. For instance, Emersion, exhibited in, “Kiln Gods”, is an
installation of hand-built porcelain sculptures that depict the
marine barnacles that will increasingly occupy coastal areas as
our actions warm the globe and waters begin to rise.

Beth Dary- Emersion(small single)