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plastic gate proof  2006

Giclee Print 

9.7 x 13.7 inch

$ 1600





I was determined to go to Italy unencumbered by film and camera gear.  Looking for a small camera, I consulted a friend who insisted upon a joke-sized unit, smaller than my wallet, which he said could handle thousands of photos and print them in approximately 8x10 size.  Beginners are easily amazed.

Reflecting about the intersection of this technology with my picture-making practices, freedom first comes to mind.  Photographing anywhere, I drew no notice. Beholding my camera with arms extended I was as invisible among hordes of other digital tyros as one more extra in Night of the Living Dead.  Exact framing was the challenge, compounded in sunlight by the inability to see anything on my viewing screen except for the boldest elements. Had I begun my career with such a camera, I surely would now photograph differently. 

However, as it turned out, my digital work in Italy in large measure reflected the picture strategies and concepts that appear elsewhere in my work.  I bought all the postcards so I wouldn’t resort to making more of them.


David Freund

David Freund - ITALY series