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appleappleappleAppleapple # 5, 2023

Acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas

50 x 58in / 63 x 53 in canvas size




Title, "appleappleappleAppleapple"

Apple has always been a lot of symbols to us.

The knowledge from the Garden of Eden, Newton's genius, Jobs' creativity, Snow White's poison and more. The simplicity of an apple always played the iconic role of unique complexity.


In this "appleappleappleAppleapple" painting series by Enzo Lee, he wanted to express the uniqueness of our individuality within the crowd through different apples. He states that we are all only apples, but a different apple.



Enzo Lee is a Korean journal artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Enzo first started his journey as an artist by carrying a journal during his teenage years. Uncertain of the future, he started to write down his feelings, thoughts, and experiences to study himself, hoping to gain control over his life. Over time, the habit naturally evolved into something more and became not only a form of recording but also a form of expression. His own voice, the art. Enzo published his first book of essays and poems, “Bird in Space”, in 2014. Realizing that the voice shouldn’t be limited by any specific medium, he went on to study filmmaking to learn multi-dimensional aspects of art. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from School of Visual Arts, and works on permanent video journal series called “Piece of Life”. Currently there are about 120 episodes online. Since 2020 COVID, Enzo also started to explore the medium of painting and is now expressing journals through large paintings. Enzo is pursuing to develop his philosophy and artistry of using journal as a tool to live life itself as a form art, the "Piece of Enzo".

ENZO LEE - appleappleappleAppleapple #5