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Joan Digby

Pinwheel, 2021

Ceramic, 5 x 3 x 7 in

$400 ( comes with the zine signed)


Joan Digby holds a B.A. from New York University and an M. A. from The University of Delaware, both with specializations in 18th Century British Literature. Past President of The National Collegiate Honors Council (1999) with continued involvement in the Publications Board (Co-Chair) and Partners in the Parks Committees. Winner of the NCHC Founders Award, 2918 Developed Partners in the Parks, an experiential immersion program in American National Parks in collaboration with the National Park Service. Since its inception in 2007, the program has had more than 400 alumni. Coordinator (with Brooklyn-LIU) o the f "Fire Island to Ellis Island" PITP and faculty participant in U.S. Virgin Islands Program. She developed and have edited four editions of Peterson's Guide to Honors Programs and College, a resource book for The National Collegiate Honors Council. She is the author of books such as The Collage Handbook,  New York: Thames and Hudson, 1985, Food For Thought: An Anthology Of Writings Inspired By Food by Joan and John Digby, published by William Morrow & Company, and many more. She also runs a small press that specializes in limited editions of 100 copies of unique poems and prose that are highly collectible by university libraries, ephemera, and small press collectors. The sculptures in the show are illustrations for one of her recent books "MY T'ai Kachinas", New Feral Press, 2021.

Joan Digby - Pinwheel