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Kumi Hirose

Star of Hope 2, 2022

Acrylic, Glitter, Acrylic jewels, Mirror, and Corrugated paper on Canvas, 20x20x3in



My perspective of art is to express human events through paintings of various emotions, thoughts, distress, anger, sadness, and pleasure happening around me
by deforming and restricting the chaotic world.
My works of art are complex and mystical in a way, which comes from my everyday existence that comprises dreams, imagination, memories, and experience.
Painting pictures to me may be a way to escape from these realities and get free from the stress I feel.
My influences are people around me, friends, family, and even acquaintances regardless of racial background.
Everyday interaction with others is very important to me because that is where I get inspiration from that including ordinary and shocking things in life.
I am very emotional and painting helps me every day.

Star of Hope 2