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Patrick Bower

Study for Eurydice, 2022

Graphite wash on paper, 18 x 24 in



Patrick Jackson (American Artist, b. 1972 Yonkers) was raised in Ridgewood, NJ and studied at Villanova University. He was co-founder of Goatgear clothing and the founder of Suburban Classic magazine. Jackson is the founder of the Greenwich lacrosse program and has been coaching Lacrosse in Greenwich for over 15 years. Jackson has also produced a 16mm documentary film on lacrosse, published two books, and written numerous magazines. In addition, he has completed over 2000 oil paintings and has remained active as a street artist for his entire adult life. Jackson’s work is motivated by the passion he has for his subjects. He lived and breathed 1980's suburban music, movies, sports and street art culture, absorbing, regurgitating, in oil and canvas, nostalgia in the recreation of posters from the film he ranks best. In his life, he has done things like finding and resurrecting the honor of Street basketball great Earl Manigault through a clothing line in the 1990’s called GoatGear. In addition, he created paintings and photographs of rare and endangered animals, followed his street art heroes with his own sticker culture brand, and started his own skateboard company (Jackson Skateboards) in 2019.

Study for Eurydice