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Continuous Conversation,” 7.26.23

Colored pencils on wooden panel, 5” x 7”




Insook Park_"Continuous Conversation,” 7.26.23

  • Statement

    Insook Park is a multi- disciplinary artist, her work represents the resonances of color, movement, sound, and light in order to find one’s “inner light”. This resonance does not only come from sound but from personal experiences, dreams, and memories.


    Park, who is inspired by watching her daughter’s figure skating spin dance, uses colored pencils on paper or on a wooden panel with the movement imitating ice skating, where the repetition of thin lines is created by body movement in circular actions and the semi-transparency of the drawings created an illusion of the image of light, implying that the invisible to us light is the spirit, thin circles created a translucent surface which appears to be expanding, a visual vibrating representation of feeling of joy. The selection of various colors in the work is associated with different sounds of music.


    Park’s installation work is referenced from the Korean traditional dance, gang-gang-sullae, where female dancers dance, hand-in-hand, in a circle accompanied by traditional drum music on harvest day, the materials garments and fabrics of Korean traditional clothing, called ot-korum what means opening and closing, and connecting and separating. Each strand of ot-korum represents each dancer and is connected to one another through knots! 


    Insook Park is trying to connect and extend herself to others and nature, exploring personal dreams, and memories: “Through my practice, I learned that I can capture my inner light through color, sound, and movement. It was a healing process that connected me to nature, and through my work, I am able to interconnect with others, too.”

    Insook Park is a South Korean-born, New York-based artist who loves poems, and nature, and explores the resonances of different dimensions. Her work has been exhibited in New York and New Jersey. Her work was exhibited in Seoul, South Korea. She holds an MFA degree from SVA, New York, and a BA from EWHA Women’s University, Seoul.