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F$CK, 2023

Acrylic on Wooden Panel 

12”x16”(30.5cm x 40..6cm)



Yusuke Ochiai - "Path of Imagination 想像の道 POI was born in New York - Takes a Decade-Long Journey through the Path of Imagination

Self-taught artist Yusuke Ochiai is set to captivate art enthusiasts with a retrospective exhibition, Path of Imagination showcasing a decade-long artistic odyssey. The exhibition, a fusion of tradition and innovation, will features an eclectic array of paintings and sculptures and provides a unique glimpse into Ochiai's profound exploration of emotion, imagination, and cultural fusion.


‘I hope you can feel the life that New York breathed into my art and the brilliance of the remarkable journey

with POI’

-Yusuke Ochiai


Exhibition Highlights

Poieverywhere, a distinguished artist, showcases a retrospective of his decade-long artistic journey with the unveiling of multiple series, including the captivating "Unicycle," "Inner Unity," and "Path of Progress" (POP). "UNICYCLE" Series: Ochiai's emphasis on human unity and cooperation takes center stage in this series. The unicycle, representing seeking to balance on a single wheel, becomes a metaphor for the harmony required in our diverse world.

"Inner Unity": The artist delves into the harmony within our internal complexities, presenting a series that explores shared visions and interconnectedness.
"Path of Progress" (POP): Ochiai captures moments filled with hope and inspiration, symbolizing the journey toward unknown possibilities.

Baton Poieverywhere is committed to sharing passion and hope and spreading empathy, compassion, and respect. Through this mission, we are helping to build a better society together, promoting peace and harmony worldwide.
"Flower Bomb" Project, 2020~: A visual and emotional spectacle where a beautiful flower shape on a map, known as a "point of interest" (POI), itself becomes a character, encouraging people to carry it to different locations and to share positive messages.

Yusuke Ochiai_F$CK, 2023