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Gatekeeper, 2023

Spray and gold leaf on cement

Height 5.5 in. x Width 4.5 in.



Poieverywhere (Yusuke Ochiai)


# poieverywhere # streetart

Tokyo, Japan, b. 1977

After working as an architecture 3D renderings in Japan, he moved to the United States and started working as an artist in New York. He creates characters called Poi in sculptures and paintings, and installs them in various places in the city. When he sees the installation locations on a map, he places them in the shape of Poi.

“Poi” means “Path of Imagination”.
The author's wish is that everyone in the world can live in harmony so that everyone can smile. The Poi placed throughout the town heals and encourages the hearts of those who meet them, like Jizo statues on the roadside.

(Dacra development in Miami design district huge mural paint in 2020
I have worked on huge murals in Miami and New York.
First solo show in Onishi gallery, Art Miami 2020 and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2020. Bushwick open studios.

A recent project was to create environmentally friendly murals in a high school in New York with the paint brand AirLite and Urban 2030 non-profit.

Dacra development, Onishi gallery, Art Miami 2019, 2020 and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2020,
Yourban2030 non profit and Airlite, Seibu Shibuya 2021, 2022, Hankyu Umeda 2022)

Yusuke Ochiai _Gate Keeper 2